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Q: When did you become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: 5/7/2009

Q: Why did you become a Nail Professional?
A: It was a personal achievement. One day I unveiled a great idea creating a masterpiece on my nails...I knew that in order to become a Nail Professional I had to pay the price making my goal a reality. The stream of excellent ideas with great skills achieved overtime built my success as a Leader in the Beauty industry.

Q: What inspired you to become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: The CND Fashion Leadership has shown the best nails in media time after time, creating consistency and credibility that inspired me to take classes that built a strong foundation in my personal education. This ignited a light in me inspiration to become an Education ambassador with the goal to reach every Nail Professional, providing the best education, skill and passion to raise the bar in the industry.

Sunrise, FL
Education Ambassador
United States
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