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Q: When did you become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: 1/21/1998

Q: Why did you become a Nail Professional?
A: I originally became a Nail Professional to help pay for college, after graduating from Beauty College and starting to work in a salon I realized I needed more advanced nail classes if I wanted to be successful. I started taking every local class I could find and found CND, the education helped make me successful and fall in love with our industry, I’ve never looked back and can’t imagine being on any other career path.

Q: What inspired you to become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: I was inspired to become a CND Education Ambassador because CND products and education changed my career path. Successful techniques and products helped me to be successful and feel empowered. The products, techniques and education were a game changer for me and I want every Nail Professional to feel empowered and excited about all of the amazing opportunities the nail industry can provide.

Crooked River Ranch, OR
Education Ambassador
United States
Global Team Member
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