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Q: When did you become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: 5/9/2011

Q: Why did you become a Nail Professional?
A: I always was fascinated by nails since i was a teenager. Nail art in particular. Loved accessorizing my own nails and change them weekly. It was just a matter of time until I decided that this should be my full time job! I love the feeling of client’s satisfaction and sparkle in the eyes, once I have transformed their bitten nails to a work of art! Creating beauty and changing lives is a gift!

Q: What inspired you to become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: The love and respect that I got from my very first experience with CND, the feeling of being a part of the family. Becoming a CND Education Ambassador is the great achievement that now allows me to share my passion with other Nail Professionals, inspire them and advance the state of the industry.

Edinburgh, Scotland
International Ambassador
Global Team Member
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