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Q: When did you become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: 9/26/2008

Q: Why did you become a Nail Professional?
A: I became a Nail Professional because I wanted a job that gave me the opportunity to be creative and precise (maybe even a little geeky). A job that could reward me with close customer relationships, because I love being around people, but also a job that gave me the ability to work independently and to be flexible in relation to my family. It did not take long before I was completely captivated by the industry and my hobby became my profession.

Q: What inspired you to become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: I became a CND Education Ambassador because I had a huge desire to share all the CND knowledge with others in the industry. From the very first class where I was introduced to CND I was mesmerized, not only by the products, but also by these amazing EA´s that represented the brand with so much passion and integrity, elevating the industry one-by-one. I just had to be a part of that - a little piece of the CND puzzle, that just grows bigger and bigger every day.

Them, Denmark
International Ambassador
Global Team Member
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