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Q: When did you become an Education Ambassador?
A: I successfully graduated CND Bootcamp training January 2017

Q: Why did you become a nail professional?
A: I became a nail professional to further my passion for art and design. I have a background in human services and enjoy working with people, enhancing their beauty in many ways. Nails have become an expression of many styles, I love capturing glimpses of people's personalities on a wearable canvas such as nails.

Q: What inspired you to become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: CND provides the products systems, tools and world class education that have allowed me to push my skill levels to a whole new level. I love that CND is Nails. Fashion. Beauty. CND is always on the trends. I wish to share my knowledge as an Education Ambassador to continue pushing the limits of the all nail professionals.

Edson, AB
Education Ambassador
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