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(8 Hours)

Ignite your creativity and become a true Color Pro through an all-day, hands-on class. You’ll leave a Master Painter — with the intuition and inspiration to master clients' needs…and ultimately elevate your business.

  • Become a natural-nail perfectionist

  • Reap the rewards of becoming both a CND Master Painter and CND™ SHELLAC™ Certified Pro*


  • CND™ logo item, CND™ curette and Master Painter certificate

  • CND™ logo apron, window cling and CND™ SHELLAC™ Certified Pro certificate

Attendees Bring:

  • Table set up (table lamp, implements, towels)

  • One hand with natural nails

Product Provided:

  • Color Systems Kit


  • CND™ LED Lamp

* THE CND EDGE:Expert tips & tricks:

  • Save time

  • Enhanced application

  • Easy removal

  • Prevent nail damage

Free client referral — cnd.com/find-salon

* NEW FOR 2018:More...

  • Hands-on time (roll up your sleeves & get creative!)

  • Time-saving tips and tricks

  • Troubleshooting

*CND Master Painter status is valid for five years and CND™ SHELLAC™ Certified Pro status is valid for three years from the date of course completion.
**Rewards subject to change.

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