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Q: When did you come a CND Education Ambassador?
A: 6/19/2016

Q:Why did you become a Nail Professional?
A:Ironically, I was not allowed to polish my nails in my childhood, so I blame my mother for my obsession! A simple pastime and stress reliever for myself turned into bonding experiences with family/friends and eventually, I embraced my passion and embarked on a new career. Being a Nail Professional is more than just doing nails. It is commitment, enthusiasm, trust, passion, communication, service, patience, knowledge and the list keeps going. It just so happens during that same interaction we make people feel beautiful, inside and out!

Q: What inspired you to become an Education Ambassador?
A: Educating is my passion and stems from my previous career in Office Management. Joining CND as an Education Ambassador will consistently raise my own level of education, allowing me to maintain high standards that can be used to motivate and inspire other Nail Professionals.

Chicago, IL
Education Ambassador
United States
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