Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so now is the time to start planning your Valentine’s Day salon promotional ideas. Whether you’re combining services with customized add-ons or showering your employees with gratitude this February, you can offer something for everyone — from the lovebirds to the holiday haters.

Love Is in the Air

For those bitten by the love bug, consider offering services for couples in addition to service-based gift certificates. Sitting side by side for a manicure or pedicure is a great way for your clients to spend some quality time with their beloved and leave together feeling amazing. As you promote this seasonal offering on your website and social media channels, be sure to tell clients about your Valentine’s Day spa packages that include snacks, beverages and home care items. This well-rounded offering will let your clients lounge in luxury with their partners — and keep them coming back to the salon for more.

Celebrate All Kinds of Love

But Valentine’s Day isn’t only about the romantic couples. For those celebrating platonic love this February, spin the holiday into a celebration of friendship. Clients can bring their buddies in for seasonal packages including pedicures, callous reduction procedures, a mud or clay masque, private conversation and a cold drink. Your BFF package could include a hand massage, a neck wrap and a carnation sprayed with glitter, so these friends feel refreshed and rejuvenated all throughout February.

Spread the Love

There is no such thing as thanking your clients too much. Hosting an open house on Valentine’s Day with sample services and products shows your clients you care. Have staff greet each attendee with a smile and thank them for being such a great patron, a gesture that displays appreciation and builds salon loyalty. As a final touch, give your clients a parting gift of a coupon for a hand massage upgrade with their next scheduled service. Showing gratitude is the perfect way to share some love this Valentine’s Day and reward your repeat clientele.

On the other hand, not all clients feel the love for this holiday. For your anti-Valentine’s Day clients, craft a custom package with a dark-polish manicure service and a take-home pack that includes items for self care like lotion, nail oil or cuticle cream.

No matter how (or if) you celebrate Valentine’s Day, make sure your business shares the love with the couples, the singles and the friends who frequent your salon this February. With the right Valentine’s Day salon promotional ideas, you’ll hopefully feel your clients’ love for many months to come.