In 2018, high-fashion runway styles pushed boundaries and broke rules. Nail art trends followed suit, abandoning the status quo and going full speed toward the unexpected. Here’s a look at some of the most influential trends from the runways of 2018 — and tips on how to update them for the new year.

Embracing Transparency

One of the most popular styles of 2018 was the transparent or glass nail. This art combines crystal clear gel and liquid and powder products to create an ethereal look. Inspired by Mary Katrantzou’s minimalist spring/summer 2019 runway look, this trend uses a limited number of embellishments — from crystals to see-through domes — to allow the artistry and structure of clear nail tips to shine.

This trend will no doubt continue to develop through 2019, with nail art that pushes the boundaries of creativity using clear and glass-like products. Expect to see treasures embedded in nail enhancements, reflecting the inspiration from the Mary Katrantzou show, for which the designer was inspired by collectibles and precious objects.

Wearable for All

Along with the transparent look, 2018 showcased wearability and inclusivity. The Vivienne Westwood spring/summer 2019 show featured a wide range of shapes and lengths, as well as nail styles that were both trendy and functional for the everyday. Westwood’s fashion highlighted androgyny, along with inclusive designs like bold graffiti patterns and urban-inspired markings.

Take this style into the new year by experimenting with non-traditional color combinations like asphalt gray and chartreuse. A matte finish on a short- to medium-length nail would also embrace the inclusive aspect of this trend with a look that’s approachable for all.

Modern Romance

A perfect look for spring, this trend blends modernity with antique styles. Motifs like florals, cameos and pastel nail art patterns are accentuated by embellishments like pearls and gilded frames, as exemplified by Libertine’s stunning spring/summer 2019 runway. The collection aimed to honor the beauty of the past while updating it for the modern day.

Bring this sentiment into 2019 by playing up the contrast between the antique and modern elements. Take a cue from Libertine and combine soft, hand-painted florals with swathes of a bright, bold glitter. It’s a unique style that’s perfect for a romantic individual with a little bit of an edge.

Breakthrough Style

Themes of 2018 were inclusivity, artistry and modernization. As you proceed into 2019, don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit and combine elements that you wouldn’t normally pair. As fashion continues to elevate the medium, nail art trends will evolve and change as well, so get ready for a wild ride.