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Q: When did you become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: 8/8/2014

Q: Why did you become a Nail Professional?
A: I became a Nail Professional because you can think outside the box, be creative and have the ability to transform a pair of hands to works of art every day.

Q: What inspired you to become a CND Education Ambassador?
A: I became a CND Education Ambassador because I was inspired by Team CND at an institute leadership conference a couple years back. After those few days of advance education, it motivated me to not only want to change my teaching style in my own classroom to the future beauty professionals, but it also inspired me to want to help be a leader to the working Nail Professionals throughout the pacific NW. CND offers great advance education for the Nail Professional to help support their growth and business. CND is innovative and continues to advance this industry with their science driven systems and products. These are a few reasons why I became an ambassador and a die hard for CND!

Portland, OR
Education Ambassador
United States
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